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Earnest Money Deposit's benefits are at the heart of the "Good Funds Network". We have all the benefits you are looking for including Convenience for Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Title, Escrow and Attorneys + Online Real-time reporting.


Feeling Stuck?

It's time to change!

Stop using "Paper Checks" to Open Escrows.
Instead, transfer money bank-to-bank using a single entry integrated process to empower your network... Your "GoodFundsNetwork"


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NO PAPER CHECKS! That's right. Now you can "open escrow" using the digital banking "Good Funds Network"...


More than Software

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Core Features

Online integrated Origination, Sending, Receiving and Recordation of all Good Faith Deposits. All participants receive electronic notifications.

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Financial Institutions

Good Faith Deposits' inter-bank digital payment transfer system works with all Banks and Credit Unions that are participants in the US Federal Reserve System.

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What about Data?

Your data is serious business. Our white glove approach ensures your data is highly protected and available online real-time.

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Tired of Receiving, Copying, Recording and Depositing "Paper" Checks.
Isn't it time you started thinking Beyond Checks?

Stop Going to Your Bank to Deposit Checks!

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